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Outsourcing services

Contractor Services, Sub-contractor services

Services performed by subcontractors, independent contractors reduces the use of direct labor, enhance competitiveness and promote development, today subcontractor services, diversified contractors to help you minimize the risk, have been optimized for advice on staffing issue, to bring professional services, long-term ...

The multinational corporations are taking advantage of low cost labor resources in the developing countries, and Vietnam has become a trend to increase profits. But even with less labor than ensuring that the growth, completed work and high profit ... is becoming the trend of the era of multinational companies operating today. How can a salary costs can bring about the corresponding profits is a difficult problem, but can be easily solved with the emergence of the sub-contractor services, contractors that have brought the epidemic service subcontractors, independent contractors with the most prestigious quality for any customer who wishes to use.

Contractor Services, sub-contractor services, independent contractors as a powerful support of helping your company can reduce the time, cost and legal procedures when recruiting. Ensuring qualified staff as well as ensuring the quality of work delivered.

Contractor Services, sub-contractor services, contracting out is the strength of our company's reagent include: cleaning services, packing services, cargo handling services by road, office support services, service market research, customer care services

Just tell us your requirements, will provide the quality service and the most reasonable, ensure human resources as described by the customer.

Other Services Of Nhan Kiet Co., LTD

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