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Business Philosophy

As a human resources providing service company, Nhan Kiet will:


With partners:

Bring comfort and efficiency for partners through the (1) Learn, support and accompany the development of the partnership; (2) Provision of consulting solutions, training of personnel and systems in a professional, efficient, increase the profitability of partners; (3) To provide the resources to meet the demands of production and business partners; (4) To promote the spirit of cooperation and development with partners; (5) To promote friendship, kindness, cooperation and peace among communities and society


For workers:

Provide the utility and comprehensive development for employees through (1) building a professional working environment, dynamic, creative and humanities; (2) creating equitable development opportunities for all staff; (3) The wages of competing workers; (4) Compliance with the provisions of law guarantees workers' rights; (5) Improving the material life and spiritual workers


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